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Motivational speaker Wade Jackson is a specialist in human development and performance within businesses, who utilises successful teaching methods to ensure messages are conveyed clearly and can be applied to the lives of his audience members.

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His work has been praised by world leading thinkers Stephen Covey and Edward de Bono. Wade is able to work with companies on multiple levels, including and incorporating his expansive expertise in multiple disciplines, including martial arts and improvisational comedy as well as postgraduate qualifications in Drama and Health Science. A dynamic motivational speaker, Wade is able to deliver a presentation full of inspirational messages and useful tools with a high level of energy and humour. His presentations engage and engross audiences allowing them to take away important messages and apply them to their own lives.

Using his wealth of knowledge and the ability to tailor his presentation to any audience, Wade travels the world speaking to masses of people, igniting their spark and inspiring them to live to their fullest ability. Wade was fantastic, he grabbed everyone's attention within the first 5 seconds and kept it. His session was innovative, motivating and interesting. The presentation was tailor made to our needs and the content was invaluable.

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For example, I pride myself in recognizing offensive and defensive sets and quickly communicating to my teammates during the game. I always get my hands in passing lanes. Also my shot altering ability is great I think for my size. I might not always get the block, but I make the shot much more difficult.

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I think my leadership is probably the biggest thing. Since I am older than most kids on my team that allows me to be the quarterback on the court.

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At this moment our team is somewhat young so I have to bring that level of maturity on the court to help us win and like always I have to score at a high rate. I also want to give a shout-out to my backcourt teammate Anthony Blunt. He is another top D1 guard at Pallotti.

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