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Using the compare and contrast decide if you need the preterite or imperfect conjugation for the sentences.

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Play hangman and practice the spelling of the colors in Spanish! Realidades 2 Chapter 1A Vocabulary and stem-changing Verbs. How well do you know your clothing vocabulary? You are bound to learn something new here! What time is it?

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Practice the time of the day in Spanish. This quiz contains 29 questions. Regulares e irregulares. Practice identifying Farm Animals. Avancemos 2 U1-L2 Prueba de gramatica 2 regular preterite Amy Shoemaker. Use regular -ar, -er and -ir verbs and conjugate them according to the subject pronoun. Practice with -ar verbs in preterite.

Choose the correct verb and conjugation for the verb in each sentence. There is no such thing as 's to show possession in Spanish. Choose the correct phrases or contraction with DE to show possession. Practice your Ordinal numbers here. Translate the English sentence to the future tense.

Jepardy- animals, sports, colors, months, numbers. Subjunctive or Indicative You choose. These games contain people in one's family. Some of the words are quite easy while others are slightly advanced; hopefully you will find all members of your particular family structure. Cognates are words that look the same or similar in English and Spanish and have the same meaning. This quiz contains 8 questions. Put these events in chronological order. A simple matching game for beginning students.

Q Words. Practice sentences with ser and adjectives with Battleship. Realidades: Chapter 2A. Match the correct answer to the question.

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There may be one answer that does not match. Spanish numerals 0 to Spanish definite articles This quiz contains 10 questions. Practice of basic phrases and questions to make introductions or start a conversation. From Survival Booklet. Basic family vocabulary in Spanish. Answering questions using SER and descriptive adjectives.


Word order: Placement of adjectives Use each set of words below to write a correct Spanish sentence. U5E Irregular Present Participles. Change the verb from the present to the present progressive by inserting the correct form of the present participle. This quiz contains 21 questions. Profe Higgins. A game with the formation and uses of the subjunctive tense. Practice your use of definite and indefinite articles with this activity.

Present tense subjunctive verbs regular and irregular. Casi se muere End of Book Exam.

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This quiz contains 50 questions. Review question words. Fill in the blanks.

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  • It is March of Choose the best answer to the question by figuring out how long something the different activities have been occurring. Food Battleship- La Comida en el Restaurante. Use these to see if you know your basic colors in Spanish. Practice mainly with questions using direct and indirect object pronouns both alone and together. Also practices preterite tense. Practice the preterite vs. Review of forms of the verb TO GO - ir- in the present tense.

    Escucha y practica las letras del abecedario - Listen and practice the alphabet in Spanish. Preterite of -ir stem -changing verbs This quiz contains 13 questions. Choosing indirect object pronouns and conjugating gustar and encantar This quiz contains 21 questions. Match pronoun with the correct form of ser. Learn the vocabulary associated with The Day of the Dead.

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    Semester 1 Final Practice Numbers This quiz contains 34 questions. Read the following sentences and determine whether to use the preterite or the imperfect form of the verb. Match pictures of fruit with its name in Spanish. Preterite Tense Review, Spanish 2. This exercise will help you review the regular and irregular verbs in the preterite tense. Fill in the blank with the correct form of the verb that completes the sentence. Practice the verb querer. This quiz contains 22 questions.

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    Forming the Present Subjunctive. Basic -ar conjugation to accompany Ch. Nivel 1. Affirmative and Negative Words. This quiz contains 13 questions. Conjuga el verbo ser. Battleship for La Familia - 2nd Grade.